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Being a home or business owner can be a great lifestyle, but it doesnt mean it would not pose some challenges every now and then. One of the most stressful challenges in maintaining your residential or commercial space is Termite infestation. Termites eat away on the wood, making it brittle and may break easily in a short span of time. Wood repairs are expensive and take a while to finish, and when the termites come, the stress all starts with it. And as an added factor to the stress, most termite pest control companies will have you waiting in line for a schedule, and that kind of situation doesnt help if youre in serious need of a quick termite exterminator service. At Termite Control Authority, we understand that you have different work shifts, and tight work schedules. Termite Control Authority offers a 24-hour service, 7 days a week! Now, you dont have to change your schedules as we can visit your house for your termite control session in your most convenient time! This means, you get to have the worry free termite control schedules without going on leave from work or sacrificing important engagements! And to make that fast and 24/7 delivery of service the best there is in the market, our staff will be available for your session schedules, when you request for it. We have a 2-hour waiting time form the time our clients call for confirmation of the appointment. Call 888-257-7437 for your flexible and worry free schedule today and get rid of those unwanted termites.


Different Plans to Suit Your Budget

If there is one thing that is challenging aside from getting rid of termites, that is surely the cost of paying for the termite control services. Existing termite removal services usually have plans where you have to somehow subscribe to their services for a month, or even a year. Everyone knows that it costs a lot to get rid of the unwanted termites, but we all go through the high payments to avoid damage that the pesky termites will do on our properties. Termite Control Authority has now made the payment lighter with lots of choices in the available plans! We have monthly and yearly plans and even a one-time session payment which will give you more options that will suit your budget. We also have an onsite quote of all services to get the accurate expenses to help you plan on your budget. Call 888-257-7437 to find out our prices for the plans and the one-time service scheme.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Termite Control Authority, we guarantee 100% satisfaction on our services! We aim to make sure that our customers are happy with our services every time, and we make sure their homes are completely termite free! We have effective wood treatments that will surely eliminate those unwanted termites, plus we have a customer friendly staff who will make your experience with Termite Control Authority for a free appointment today!

Call us today at 888-257-7437 and enjoy our superior customer care services.

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